Our Life is 


We started our journey in lockdown back in March 2020 as a group of people streaming DJ sets on Facebook,  one reason was to give ourselves something to do as we were  all stuck at home and gradually we all came together watching each other’s streams and for the same love of house music.


We were  brought together through a  Facebook group, none of us knew each other initially but before long we all became friends and supporters of each other. Most of us have played for different house music groups via Facebook and since then  some have also had  weekly radio shows too, including Unity DAB, Freshsoubdz and Househeadsradio

Ryan, Paul & Sarah were lucky enough to have the opportunity to play at 3 festivals last year.


Through the streams we have gained an amazing group of supporters and we haven’t just provided music we have all offered support to everyone too, through the strangest of times.

KRM was created in October 2020 as we decided to try and create a music event online with our fellow friends and DJS, it was a huge success and since then we have kept the momentum flowing with other online events and have  even had  some top flight  DJS  join us and it’s been a fantastic success which is  going from strength to strength.


2021 is going to be more eventful for us as KRM with restrictions being lifted, we are looking forward to the year ahead and being able to play at clubs and have a Come Together festival lined up already.

Stronger together and supporting one another has always been and will continue to be our mantra.